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black and white world /crno-bijeli svijet

This geisha is a detail from a painting of mine. I find Asian style very inspiring, if I can even say "Asian style" because  Asian culture encompass a multitude of various styles but I hope you know what I mean. Generally speaking I have always been attracted to the east. Designers as well have often searched for inspiration in the east.
On other note, today I'm sharing some black and white photographs. Black and white are colours that go well with everything and especially so one with another. This evening it is bw that inspires me.
 There's something really appealing about the simplicity of black-and-white images.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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  1. wow...these are such great pictures...i always think black and white gives so much depth to the picture..There is always this innate mystery and wonder of what the pic would have been in real color...loving all the pictures! Great post!
    Best, Zia

  2. heyy... very interesting blog... and really beautiful intriguing pics!
    wanna follow each other??!

  3. so nice dear :)


  4. Beautiful photos!


  5. So many interesting and fashionable things to see on your blog!!Thanks for visiting me!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


All your comments mean a lot to me, even the criticism. Naravno da mi puno znači što ste uzeli vrijeme da nešto napišete, pa makar to bila i kritika. Per me le vostre parole sono sempre preziose anche quando si tratta di critiche.