nedjelja, 17. studenoga 2013.

Photography and poetry

                                                 Antun Branko Šimić (Croatian poet 1898-1925)

Vampir                                                                                          Vampire
On vodi mene u noć                                                 He leads me into the night
Ruka mu je mala topla mekana                                 His hand is small, warm, soft
On vodi mene u noć                                                 He leads me into the night
Oči mame prazne plave vodene                                Empty watery blue eyes seduce
On pruža meni iz noći                                               He offers me from the night
Otrov vina riječi podsmijeha                                     The poison of vine and the words of mocking

Ja skrivam svoju dušu od njega                                 I hide my soul from him

On grli moje tijelo                                                      He hugs my body
I pije moje usne                                                         And drinks my lips  
I pleše pada pijan moje krvi                                       He dances intoxicated with my blood 

I čeka čas                                                                  And he waits for the moment                                                    
da se moje tijelo mrtvo sruši ispruži                          When my dead body is spread on the ground
i on da zgrabi moji bijelu dušu                                  So he can grab my white soul
i s njome bljesne kroz noć u bezdanu tamu.               And dash away with  it trough the night                                                                                                   into never ending  darkness.

----Poem by Croatian poet Antun Branko Šimić who died at age of  27. Translation by me.
---Photographs by me, taken 5 years ago using an Ericsson mobile photo (that is almost ancient now)

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  1. Amazing, loved the poetry and gorgeous pictures doll xx

  2. Divan post, pravi umetnički :) Spoj slika i pesme je savršen.

  3. Those pictures are amazing, Ivana.
    You should hang the on your wall :)

  4. Stunning black and white photography! :)/Madison

  5. Che belle queste foto, mi sono piaciuti anche i versi, sei stata brava con la traduzione. Un bacio!

  6. Hello Ivana,

    this style of your pics is awesome!!! How you gonna make this? This is a great idea from you - just another way to show some of your portrait pics.

    Love this!!!



    1. actually I took these selfies with an old cell phone a long time the pics were of low quality...that is why I decided to edit them in photoshop and make them more artistic...I think they turned out pretty cool.

    2. cool is the right word.

      i think i must try this - i´m excited how that works.




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