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Dresswe cheap evening dresses

Today I'm presenting you Dresswe, an online shop that specializes in evening and wedding dresses as well as dresses for special occasions. I always love it when I get asked to present gowns because it gives me the perfect excuse to  feast my eyes on them. Is there anything more feminine that a long evening dress? I think there is a little inner princess in most of us ladies that just jumps at the opportunity of viewing glamourous long evening dresses. They make us feel like we are in a fairytale and there is nothing wrong with that. Plus, there are many social events that require us to wear formal wear. Attending them can be our chance to shine, especially if we select a right dress. However, selecting that special number for that special evening can be quite a challange. That is why online stores are there, to make our lives easier.

I've made a selection of affordable evening dresses at dresswe.com. In case you are looking for a dress at the moment,  I hope my selection will help to  inspire you. You know I love colours, so my selection will be a colourful one. However, I will include tender shades as well, because I know not everyone goes for bold colours and besides pastel shades can be a very good choice. I decided to name the gowns I selected just because it is fun. It is not the actual name of the gown, but my own.

                                                         Bold and Beautiful

My first choice would be this gorgeous canary yellow gown. This colour is very glamorous and eye-catching. You will be  noticed if you choose to wear canary yellow. It is such a bold and fashion forward dress. For a while now, canary yellow has been popular with designers. Just remember how amazing Uma Thurman looked in that canary yellow Versaci gown.


If you ever wanted to be a mermaid, now is your perfect change to become one or at least feel like a mermaid. This mermaid cut dress really invokes those mythological creatures. Who can resist sequins? They are the essence of glamour and they give us that feeling that magic is possible. 

                                                                Snow princess

This tender blue dress says 'modern princess' to me. It is very delicate and romantic. I really like its cut and I do think the belt is the perfect detail. I can imagine a variety of necklaces worn with this long evening dress and it would look great even without any accessories because it is so beautiful. For me it invokes a feeling of magic winterland, something akin to that feeling I got watching Frozen (and yes, I do enjoy cartoons).

Dresswe.com SUPPLIES Simple Glamrou Beading Pleats V-neck Lace-up A-line Floor Length Evening Dress Evening Dresses 2015 (2)

                                                            Femme fatale

I love everything about this long dress. The amount of sheer fabric used makes it a bit provocative, but it is not showing too much skin.  It is very seductive without being vulgar. Perfect gown to wear if you want to feel like a femme fatale. The lace details give it a subtle retro charm, while the cut is very modern and interesting. All in all, such a dreamy gown.

Dresswe.com SUPPLIES Sexy Bateau Neck Mermaid Appliques Court Train Evening Dress Designer Dresses


This amazing red dress makes me think of Cleopatra. It might be the details on top but I think there is something royal about the appreance of this long evening dress. Red for me is the colour of love and passion. Wearing this bold red could just be what you  need to shine. If you haven't given bold red a try, you should. It may be the colour you were  looking for but never realized it.

Dresswe.com SUPPLIES Glittering Deep-V Neck Beading Mermaid Court Train Evening Dress Evening Dresses 2015

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  1. Those dresses are pretty especially the glittery one
    Plus they are very affordable

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  2. Amazing dresses!

  3. Haljine su divne! Osobno bih odabrala Frozen Princess jer mi odise nekim glamurom starog Hollywooda koji jako volim... divna je! Ostale su presexy za moju malenkost :D

  4. Kako su divne! Uvek kad vidim tako nešto, pomislim kako je šteta što nema puno prilika kada bi mogle i da se nose. Sve su prelepe ali bih možda izdvojila žutu jer znaš već šta mislim o žutoj boji :)

    1. da, slažem se...žuta boja je nešto posebno i za mene.

  5. They are all so beautiful!


  6. Gorgeous picks, Ivana! I can't believe how affordable these gowns are these days. Back in my time it was so costly....... xoxo

  7. Impressive choices! Really beautiful dresses and the Cleopatra one has just stolen my heart, wow!

  8. Great post my dear! I love this yellow one <3

  9. Dear Ivana, I don't know which one to choose! First I saw the yellow one and fell in love! Then the blue sequined one and also fell in love! Then the blue one, and finally the black and beige in lace and oh my, all so beautiful! I am sorry I was a bit absent, but I felt so ill last week... still not great, but getting better!

    1. I hope you will feel better soon...I had a bit of a cold myself.

  10. Nekako mi se najviše sviđa snow princess iako bi mi bila još bolja da je do koljena :D

    1. u toj varijanti bi isto bila lijepa:) baš u onom Audrey Hepuburn stilu.

  11. These dresses are really beautiful. I personally like the first one.
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  12. Beautiful dresses dear!

    Please click on the link on my post

  13. Fantastican izbor! Ova zuta mi je must have!
    A svidja mi se jako i sampanj sa crnom cipkom :) Puse :*

  14. Sono bellissimi questi abiti Ivana!
    Mi piace soprattutto quello azzurro, ricorda tanto quello di Cenerentola! :D

  15. Oh these are some amazing gowns. Love em!!


  16. Ajme kako su di-vne, sve do jedne i nikako se ne mogu odlučiti koja mi se najviše sviđa. Super mi je što si im nadjenula imena :)

  17. ok that 4th gown so makes me think cleopatra as well and i can't stop staring at it. omg! STUNNING!!!

  18. Wonderful dresses ! The yellow one is beautiful :)

  19. Bas su atraktivne haljine! Favorit mi je femme fatale :)

  20. Great post !

  21. Your dress selection for 'Mermaid' is so gorgeous - the colour is so, so striking and it looks as though it shimmers! ''Give us the feeling magic is possible'' - what a lovely line :) I hope your week is going well so far!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  22. i like each of the dresses.


  23. these dresses are gorgeous!!!!!!!

    "Is there anything more feminine that a long evening dress?" - yes, there is another clothing thing (in my opinion), that i found just a little bit femininer: a short cocktail dress.

    if you wear such a dress you can put yourself in the spotlight - i think everybody´s watching at you.



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