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What makes a dress perfect?

What makes a dress perfect? Is the cut? Is the feeling it gives to us? Is it the gift on increased confidence? Is it a sensation of feeling good in our skin? What is the important thing in choosing a dress? I suppose that the answer to that question will depend on the person asking the question. I would be curious to know what makes a dress perfect for you. Some people are more sentimental about clothes than others. For some ladies the perfect dress is the one they had and loved for a long time. For others, it is that brand new dress that seems to promise a new adventure. Both answers are perfectly valid in my opinion.Some women like to follow trends and there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you enjoy doing. Some women prefer dresses that were popular in other decades. Again, nothing wrong in having a passion for retro fashion. 

Still, we can probably all agree that a perfect dress is one that simply said- feels right. Finding the right fit is important, but perhaps the most important thing is the feeling some dress might give to us.  It is not just about finding the right fit for our body, it is often about finding a dress that is an emotional fit. It is hard to define what is that x factor that makes some dress feels just right. Nevertheless, I would say that most often what feels right, also makes us look good. Feeling good in the clothes we wear is a very important thing. You know that moment when you slip a certain dress on and you automatically feel better, more confident, more ready to take on the world? Those moments are precious. Such is the power of clothing. It is not this greatly superficial thing some would try to make us believe. What is superficial after all? Why should attachment to clothes be considered more superficial than let's say attachment to gadgets or cars? 

Being crazy about clothes is, naturally, optional. Not everyone needs to be crazy about dresses either. If you ask me, a woman can be just as feminine wearing pants as she can be wearing a dress. Still, there is something about putting on a dress that feels special to me. Finding the perfect dress (for whatever occasion) is always such a special moment. Whatever kind of relationship you might have with clothes (and dresses), it will probably be an ever changing one. Our tastes may change. Our needs can change. Sometimes we think about what we're going to wear a great deal, sometimes we don't think about it at all. So, the answer to the question what makes a dress perfect for you might be harder to pin down then it may seem at first. It is all relative really. We can talk about what makes a dress fit perfectly, but there is no accounting for tastes. So, ultimately the answer to this question might be very personal. 

I would say there are a few factors that make a dress perfect. First, a dress might be perfect for the moment because it can reflect our present state, sentiment or preference. Secondly, a dress can be perfect if it is ideal for some occasion (more or less formal). Finding the right dress for some occasion is such a relief. Once you get that out of the way, you always feel better about the event itself, whatever that event might be. Thirdly, a dress might be perfect because you're attached to it to for sentimental reasons. The perfect dress may not fit perfectly your body or even your taste, but if it fits your heart, that's all it matters. 

beach strapless a-line/princess vintage rose long tulle bridesmaid dress

Wedding dresses have been around for a while. Wedding attire may differ greatly depending on a culture of bride and groom. However, in most traditions there is such a thing as a wedding attire. Throughout history people deemed that is the way it should be. They might have been on to something. Considering what marriage should be about, there is nothing surprising in human desire to celebrate this day in a special way. The fact that this special day usually includes clothing is hardly surprising.

chic modern beaded lace trumpet/mermaid wedding dress

 During history wedding attire underwent many changes. Most people don't realize that white wasn't always a traditional choice. In fact, some believe that white was popularized by Queen Victoria. White became a symbol of status because only well do brides could afford to get married in white gowns. Basically, in the old days, they didn't exactly have washing machines or dry cleaning, so when an expensive material was stained, it was as good as ruined. This made white wedding dresses even more prestigious. Hence, the white wedding dress became a symbol of wealth and luxury. 

European folklore dresses testify to the fact that European woman used to get married wearing red (just like it is customary in many Eastern cultures) because red is considered to be the colour of love. However, today most wedding dresses in Western cultures tend to be white (for reasons I just explained). Not that  that makes the bridal options limited. For most of us white is now a logical choice and we don't feel limited by it. Bridal industry offers so many options nowadays. Vintage wedding dresses are probably the best choice for those who like retro style. Plus size Bridesmaid  dresses  needn't be dull either. These days we're really spoiled for choice. There are so many options available nowadays and if you ask me that's a good thing. The more choices, the better, right? Or was it all more simple in the old days? Was it easier to select a perfect dress when we weren't so spoiled for choice? What do you think? 

elegant sequins long v neck sheath/column bridesmaid dress

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  1. Divan post! Ja sam na svom venčanju nosila belu venčanicu, ali da mogi ponoviti dogadjaj verujem da bi se možda i odlučila za neku boji😊❤️ Pratim te, pa bi mi bilo drago da uzvratiš.
    Magični svet lepote

  2. zanimljivo mi je ovo s crvenom bojom, i koliko se tradicija kod nas promijenila.

  3. Stupendi!

  4. I think the art of finding the perfect dress is an intriguing one, especially as it means that it will fit you just right. I agree with you - the perfect dress is the one which reflects your inner self, that feels just right...

  5. woow prelepi izbor haljina :) Bas su elegantne i lepe :) Zapratila sam te :) Svrati i ti do mene ako zelis :*#Samokazem

  6. Prekrasne duge haljine! Favorit mi je druga, koja je skroz poput venčanice.


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