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January recap (my art & DIY & outfits)

I've had a lot of posting ideas this January. I think it has to do with the fact that I was away from blogging for so long.  Perhaps I was just eager to make up for the lost time. I didn't keep to a certain theme this January. I wrote a lot. I shared many paintings and illustrations. In addition, I also shared my outfits and even DIY projects. So, there was a bit of everything this month. However, that also means that I get to do a really fun January recap, so here we go.

                                                 ART & ILLUSTRATIONS 

I shared tons of my illustrations, drawings and painting this January and if all goes well you can expect the same in February. I already have some art on hold to share. I'm also planning to write more about my experience with art courses. Perhaps it is best to write one detailed post about it.

The black swan (fashion illustration of the day- watercolour painting)

Fashion illustration of the day (olive flared jeans: green trend report)

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I only included one reading recommendation this month, but it is only because I have another blog reserved for book reviews. I did read a lot of books this month ( I have to make a final countdown tonight). I can't resist picking up a few to recommend. So, here are my 11 reading recommendations of the month:

1. Judita by Miro Gavran
2. A Painted House by John Grisham
3. Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino
4. The Nose by Nikolai Gogol
5. Darkside Earther by Bradley Horner
6. Frida by Slavenka Drakulich
7. Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner
8. Lagoon by Joseph Conrad
9. Typhoon by Jospeh Conrad
10. Kako smo lomili noge by Miro Gavran
11. Letter to His Father by Franz Kafka


This month I also shared one very personal post where I wrote about living and dealing with a chronic illness. It was a very difficult post to write, but I'm happy I wrote it.

I also shared two posts with tips on how to get more reading done. So, now you know what is my secret and how I manage to read so much. We all know that reading is good for us. Interestingly, I noticed that reading seems to inspire me to do more art.

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This January I shared two DIY posts. Both are quite easy and  are all about recycling. The first one is about making a white vase, the second one about turning a mason jar into a plaint container. I'd like to share more posts like this, where I teach you how to use acrylic paints for home projects. Acrylic paints are easy to use and they can be a lot of fun. 

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I shared a few outfit posts this month. It was fun getting back to those. For a while, I gave up on outfit posts because my blog became more art related, but I might get back to them. I'm not sure, we'll see what next month brings.  I think that I prefer my blog posts to be varied, it might be the best blogging scenario for me.

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How to wear a faux fur coat?  (a selection of illustrated and photographed outfits) #oftd #fashioblog #fashionillustration

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Sunset in Split city + outfit of the day (jeans and biker boots)

 Today I'll be sharing another quick post and this will be my last outfit post for this month. Tomorrow I'll do a little January recap and that'll be that for this month. The outfit I'm sharing today is a casual one. A pair of jeans and biker boots- it doesn't get more casual than that. Besides this casual winter outfit today I'll also be sharing a few photographs of my lovely home town. Just a few though. This outfit I wore for one of those rare walks by the sea last year. I had spend the last Autumn in Split, but most of the time I was either in and out of hospitals or in bed so I didn't get to enjoy my home town that much. Because of my health condition of the time, walks were a rarity. There were a few of them, however, and they made me see how precious beauty can be. Needless to say, they  reinforced my love for the sea. I do love the sea. I will never forget how happy I was to be able to go for a stroll by the sea that time. It's the little things, right? If you have a chance to go for a stroll by the sea or by a river/lake, don't miss it. It is amazing how much a simple walk can help to make us feel better, both psychically and emotionally. 

Sunset in Split city + outfit of the day (jeans and biker boots)

This reddish tartan jacket is one of my favourite ones. I bought it four years ago, I think, mostly because it was the same brand as one green tartan jacket I had bought a year earlier. Because I ended up liking that green jacket so much, I decided to get this one as well, even though they're really similar, almost the same. Do you know what? I didn't regret my decision. I wear both of them frequently. Both of these jackets are very warm and they just seem perfect for Autumn and Winter. This time I paired it with a blue velvet poloneck so I was almost too warm. 

Sunset in Split city + outfit of the day (jeans and biker boots)

Do any of you have any tips for high blood pressure? I have never had issues with it, but my husband's been having issues with high blood pressure lately. I'm not sure what to do. I'm pretty sure I don't use that much salt when I'm cooking. I've been googling this whole blood pressure thing and it seems that physical activity and power walks can help. So, we'll try those. We already do walk but maybe we should try walking more? I'm a big fan of winter walks. Are you? I think I already repeated that a couple of times this month. I hope I'm not beginning to sound like a broken record, but I do love my walks. 

#fashionblog #modniblog Sunset in Split city + outfit of the day (jeans and biker boots)

Sunset in Split city + outfit of the day (jeans and biker boots)

Sunset in Split city + outfit of the day (jeans and biker boots)

Winter style reflections

As you can see, I'm still into coloured coats. What are you opting for this Winter? I love to see coats paired with dresses and skirts, there is something very feminine about that. However, there is also something to be said about a classical pants and coat combo. Which one do you prefer? So far, this Winter I've been opting for both. I was thinking of perhaps getting another winter dress. I like to wear dresses in any season, but in the colder months even more so, as they seem to be able to make any outfit appear more dressed up. It can be tricky getting that dressed up look when one is trying to stay warm, but a comfy dress (preferably from a thick material) can be a very practical choice as it can make us feel both stylish and comfortable. I have a few outfits featuring dresses that I still haven't shared with you, but I plan to do it soon enough.  If you're looking for some nice dresses, why not check these Fashion Dresses out? 

I think I'm all set for this Winter. I might buy another item or two if I find something that I feel like I really need, but I don't have any shopping plans. Do you have any? Are you on a hunt for something? If you're looking for something cute, you can find Cheap Women's clothing at site BerryLook site. Today I made two inspiration collages for you (combination of my art and items from the above mentioned site). Do you see anything you like? 

 Before the end of the month, I plan to post another outfit post or maybe a book recommendation ( I can't decide between the two- what would you like to see next?). That's all for now, as always thank you for reading.