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Outfit of the day (Split city, an old stone house)

I have another quick post for you, a post in which I'll be sharing a few photographs of my dear Split city and an outfit of the day. I already wore a similar outfit here. This short black coat is a favourite of mine, probably because it is so easy to style. This time I paired it with a red hoodie for extra warmth. The boots I wore have high heels, but comfortable ones, so this styling is stuck somewhere between casual and dressed up. It is not exactly dressed up, but it is not entirely casual either- that could perhaps be said of majority of my outfits. I liked to mix feminine items with casual ones. Some might call it casual chic and I wouldn't mind. I suppose that I like to have fun with clothes, but I don't like to suffer for fashion. My style is probably a reflection of that. A bit playful, but nothing extreme. From time to time, I do wish I was a bit more fashion forward, but there is always time for that, right? 

This was a  bittersweet moment captured here. I was feeling happy to be back in my home town,  but sorry to see the roof of this old stone house fall down. It is exactly these kind of old stone houses that are my favourites in Split, because I feel they give the city its soul. Nevertheless, we all know that nothing lasts forever. The only thing that is constant in life is change. We might as well embrace it. One moment something is there, the next it isn't. We lose people and things we love...and sometimes we lose ourselves as well. Sometimes we find ourselves again. Nothing is for certain. Rules are always changing. 

Throwback to 2014

Here I am taking a minute to admire this beautiful historical building and enjoy the sunshine. It's the little moments, many say. They might be on to something. Taking the time to enjoy the present is important. After all, we do live in the now. If I find the time, I want to draw this house. I should make a mental note of that. There are so many things I want to draw and/or paint, I sometimes don't know where to start. Walks can be particularly inspiring. I do love winter walks. Do you?

Outfit of the day (Split city and an old stone house)
Outfit of the day (Split city and an old stone house)
boots: Šimecki, coat: Tally Weijl, skirt: zara, hoodie: old

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  1. Dearest Ivana,
    Oh, it's so fine to see a post of you - I didn't know yet that you are "back in blogging world"! You look pretty in you black coat - and yes, I can understand that you felt sad when you saw the destroyed roof of the nice old stone house... If you wanna see me on a winter walk you can visit my curent post.
    Hugs and happy weekend, Traude

  2. beautiful photos:)

  3. A love that you included a throwback to 2014, how fun you revisited the same shoot location! You look lovely in this winter outfit, wrapped up nice and warm :) It's always so much fun seeing more of the area you live in, I feel instantly transported there haha!

    1. thank you, I always enjoy sharing photographs of my countries.

  4. Belle foto, stai benissimo, mi piace molto il cappottino

  5. beautiful! :D

    have a nice day!

  6. Oh yes, it is a bittersweet feeling, seeing the old stone buildings collapse... hopefully there is a possibility to save some of them, even if not this particular one. I also loved the yellow house - definitely painting worthy, something magical about it!

    And you always look stylish and feminine, playful in your clothes. Love the summer dress on you! You are such a beautiful woman!

    And yes, I love winter walks, more than summer walks even, as it can get too hot for me to walk in summer.

  7. Lepa dama u lepom gradu! Baš mi je želja posetiti Split.

  8. you look great in this outfit. but my highlight from this post is the pic from that little house between those others - so cool!



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